Restorative Dentistry

For many people, a chipped, cracked, broken, decayed, or missing tooth is just a normal part of everyday life, but thanks to restorative dentistry, these issues don’t have to affect your smile’s health and appearance anymore. Using top-of-the-line materials and a meticulous attention to detail, our team can fully repair your smile and make it look like nothing bad ever happened to it. With our help, both flaws and dental pain can quickly go away. Does this sound like what your smile needs? If so, contact Premier Care Dental today.

Traditional Crown & Bridge

With a dental crown, we can repair even the most damaged, decayed, or stained tooth in just two appointments. A crown is actually a custom-made tooth-shaped “cap” that is placed over the top of a compromised tooth, able to restore its strength, structure, appearance, and function all at the same time. They can be made of strong metal for the back teeth or natural-looking porcelain for the front teeth, but in any case, they can be trusted to last for many years with the proper maintenance. They can also be used to fill in the gap left by missing teeth. Two crowns can be placed on the teeth surrounding the missing ones, and these are then bonded to prosthetic teeth to close it. This not only gives the smile its original look back, but it also helps even out the bite and keeps the remaining teeth in place. If you are interested in crowns or bridges in Ashland, OR, call our office today!

Tooth-Colored Fillings

For a long time, fillings have been the go-to treatment for repairing small cavities and slightly damaged teeth, and traditionally, they have been made of a metallic substance called amalgam. While this material is very strong and durable, it does always leave a large, obvious mark on a tooth, and it also causes a tooth to become more sensitive to temperature changes over time. Thanks to tooth-colored fillings, these are now problems of the past. Made of a composite resin, they can be specially shaded to completely blend in with a patient’s tooth color, making them practically invisible. Plus, because they are metal-free, they’re able to repair the teeth without making them more sensitive. They also allow your dentist to use smaller fillings and preserve more of your natural tooth’s structure and strength, giving you a tooth that looks great and is built to last.

Full & Partial Dentures

Multiple missing teeth can make even the simplest things feel uncomfortable and awkward, including speaking and eating. However, with dentures, we can quickly replace a large amount of missing teeth with a strong, natural-looking prosthetic. Partial dentures can replace a few missing teeth while fitting in seamlessly with the remaining ones (like the piece of a puzzle), while full dentures can be used to instantly bring back an entire row of teeth.

Root Canals

Every tooth is actually composed of three distinct layers, and when decay or damage reaches the innermost one, called the dental pulp, it can cause a tremendous amount of dental pain. To relieve this pain and save the tooth from extraction, your dentist can perform what is called a root canal. They’ll gently remove the internal tissues, replace them with a filling material, and then fully restore the tooth with a dental crown. Thanks to modern techniques, dental sedation, and a light touch, this often feared procedure is now practically painless. If you need help with a root canal in Ashland, OR, give us a call!


While our primary goal with every patient is to help them preserve all of their natural teeth for as long as possible, sometimes the best thing we can do for their oral health is remove one. This is often the case if:

  • A tooth is too damaged to be restored with a filling or crown
  • Gum disease has deteriorated the bone supporting a tooth
  • Room needs to be created for a denture/orthodontic treatment

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Our wisdom teeth are actually a third set of molars, and they typically don’t come in till around the ages of 16-25. Unfortunately, when they do, they tend to cause a litany of problems, including jaw pain, tooth crowding, and even infections. Most people just don’t have enough room in their mouth for these teeth, so an extraction is the only recourse. We can perform safe and effective wisdom tooth extractions in our Ashland, OR office so you won’t have to look for an outside specialist.

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