Ashland Springs Hotel

Small town Ashland, Oregon, is situated in the state’s southwest. The Ashland Springs Hotel, a mainstay of the neighborhood for more than a century, is one of the town’s most notable landmarks. The hotel, which is a representation of Ashland’s past and present, is now a well-liked hangout for both tourists and residents.

A local entrepreneur named John McCall first constructed the Ashland Springs Hotel in 1925 with the intention of building a posh hotel in the center of Ashland’s downtown. The structure was beautifully designed in the Renaissance Revival style by Frank Chamberlain, who was hired by McCall.

The hotel quickly rose to prominence as Ashland’s center of activity thanks to the numerous dances, events, and social gatherings held in its grand ballroom. The hotel underwent numerous ownership and renovation changes over the years, but it continued to play a significant role in Ashland’s history.

The hotel underwent a significant restoration and renovation in the 1990s with the goal of maintaining its historic charm while modernizing it. The Ashland Springs Hotel underwent a successful renovation and reopened in 2000 as Ashland’s top tourist attraction.

There are currently 10 suites among the Ashland Springs Hotel’s 70 guest rooms. Each room has a distinct design that combines vintage and modern elements, and many of them have breathtaking views of the mountains and surrounding landscape.

Fitness facilities, spa services, a restaurant, and a bar are available at the hotel. A farm-to-table menu with a focus on regional flavors and ingredients is offered at the hotel’s ground-floor Larks Restaurant. Craft cocktails and a wide variety of regional wines and beers are served at the bar.

The event spaces at the Ashland Springs Hotel are among its most well-liked amenities. The hotel has a number of exquisite ballrooms and conference spaces that are ideal for weddings, business meetings, and other special occasions. Particularly stunning is the Grand Ballroom, which has a built-in dance floor, crystal chandeliers, and vaulted ceilings.

The Ashland Springs Hotel is renowned for its dedication to sustainability in addition to its opulent lodgings and amenities. Recycling, composting, and the use of eco-friendly cleaning supplies are just a few of the eco-friendly initiatives the hotel has put in place. The hotel also takes part in the Clean the World program, which collects and recycles soap and other bathroom supplies to aid in the global fight against diseases linked to poor hygiene.

Overall, Ashland, Oregon’s Ashland Springs Hotel is a distinctive and lovely tourist attraction. Visitors to the area frequently choose it for its fusion of historic charm and contemporary amenities, and its dedication to sustainability and involvement in the local community sets it apart from other hotels in the area. The Ashland Springs Hotel is a great option for your stay in Ashland whether you’re organizing a special event, a family vacation, or a romantic getaway.


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