Ashland Railroad District

The Ashland Railroad District, a charming area in the center of Ashland, Oregon, provides a window into the city’s colorful past. The railroad that once passed through the area and linked the city to the rest of the state and beyond gave the district its name. A thriving neighborhood of artists, business owners, and local establishments now calls the district home, revitalizing the area and preserving its historic character.

When the Oregon and California Railroad built tracks through the region in the late 1800s, the Ashland Railroad District was first established. The area quickly developed into a thriving commercial hub, with factories, mills, and warehouses springing up all around the railroad tracks. Today, many of these structures are still standing and are being used as galleries, studios, and shops.

The Ashland Depot, a stunning Victorian-style structure that served as the city’s primary train station for more than 70 years, is one of the area’s most notable landmarks. Today, the structure has been renovated and transformed into the Ashland Art Center, a gathering place for regional artists and a well-liked tourist attraction. The Art Center features galleries showcasing the work of more than 200 artists and offers classes, workshops, and events all year long.

The Boulevard Coffee shop, a quaint café that has been a fixture in the area since 2005, is another must-see location in the Ashland Railroad District. The café is a well-liked place for locals to congregate and catch up while serving delicious coffee, tea, and baked goods. Along with changing displays by regional artists, the store contributes to the thriving arts scene in the neighborhood.

A number of art studios and galleries can be found in the area, where you can see the creations of local painters, photographers, sculptors, and other artists. For instance, the Hanson Howard Gallery is renowned for its broad selection of mediums and styles and exhibits contemporary work by both up-and-coming and renowned artists. The Schneider Museum of Art and Illahe Studios and Gallery are two additional galleries in the area.

The Ashland Railroad District is home to a number of top-notch restaurants and eateries, so foodies will also find a lot to love there. Smithfields, a cutting-edge American eatery with a focus on farm-to-table cuisine and locally sourced ingredients, stands out as one example. The restaurant has a cozy dining room and patio seating outside and is housed in a beautifully restored former flour mill.

The area is home to a number of distinctive stores and boutiques for those in need of a little retail therapy. For instance, Village Shoes has a large selection of elegant and comfortable shoes for both men and women. The store also has a helpful and knowledgeable staff that can assist customers in finding the ideal shoes for their requirements.

The Ashland Railroad District holds a number of festivities and events all year long to honor the region’s illustrious past and thriving local culture. The Railroad District Block Party, which takes place in July and offers live music, food, and activities for all ages, is one of the most well-liked. Another must-attend occasion is the annual Art Walk, which takes place in October and features artwork by regional artists in galleries and stores all over the neighborhood.

In recent years, tourists seeking an authentic Ashland experience have increasingly gravitated toward the Ashland Railroad District. Anyone visiting the city should go to the district because of its charming architecture, thriving arts scene, and welcoming neighborhood. The Ashland Railroad District will delight and inspire you whether you want to visit local galleries, sip coffee, or just take a stroll through the old streets.


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