Financing & Insurance

We’re happy to help you get the most out of your investment in dental insurance. When you use your insurance with us, we’ll not only accept it, but we’ll also handle the entire claims process on your behalf. In short, we’ll deal with all of the paperwork while you just sit back, relax, and save. Our team of experts will make sure you completely understand your benefits so it’s always easy to maximize them. To learn how we can use your plan, contact us today.

Financing Available

Do you currently not have insurance or require a treatment that isn’t covered by your policy? If so, we can still help you save on your dental care! Thanks to CareCredit or Proceed Finance, you can get a low-to-no interest payment plan that will break up the cost of your care into much smaller monthly installments. These companies have already helped millions of people around the country to easily afford their dental care.

Patient-Focused Finance Options

We strive to be your caring, patient-focused dentist in Klamath Falls, OR. That’s why we offer a number of flexible payment options that can help you get the treatment you need without worrying too much about the cost of your care. We’re happy to work with most insurance policies, and we have a dental savings plan that keeps your out of pocket costs to a minimum. We can even help you apply for affordable financing through a third-party credit company. Both CareCredit and Proceed can allow you to break up the cost of major procedures into manageable monthly installments.


CareCredit is a credit card that has the exclusive purpose of helping people pay for medical, dental, and veterinary expenses. After you’re approved for the card, you can use it at one of over 200,000 offices that accept it, including our practice. The card offers promotional deals with deferred interest. Therefore, if you pay off the entire amount of your procedure within a set amount of time, you won’t have to pay a dime in interest. If you don’t use a promotional deal, you’ll pay off your balance in addition to reasonable interest charges.

Proceed Finance

While CareCredit offers a revolving line of credit, Proceed Finance provides loans that they pay directly to your care provider. The loans start at around $2,500, making Proceed a solid option for patients who need major dental work or multiple procedures. The loan terms with Proceed are flexible, and the interest rates are reasonable. For example, if you have a 24-month loan, your interest rate could be as low as 3.99%.

Benefits of Dental Financing

You shouldn’t be afraid to finance your dental treatment. In fact, doing so has a number of significant advantages:

  • You can use either Proceed or CareCredit to pay for elective services, including cosmetic dentistry.
  • You can receive necessary treatment right away even if you’re unable to pay for your procedure upfront. Therefore, there won’t be any delays that give your dental health problems a chance to worsen.
  • The credit terms are flexible. Some procedures can easily be paid off within six months to a year. In other cases, it’s perfectly fine if you need a few years to pay off your treatment. It’s likely that either CareCredit or Proceed will offer a repayment plan that fits in with your budget.
  • Our team will be there to support you when you’re applying for financing. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have.
  • Even if your credit score could use some work, there is a fair chance that one of our financing partners will approve your application.
  • Both CareCredit and Proceed are often able to approve applications instantly.

We’re Ready to Help

Your smile is priceless, so why should you let monetary worries bar you from getting the treatment you need? Contact us today to learn more about our payment policies. Our team is ready to help you compare your payment options and make a decision that is good for both your budget and your oral health.

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