Barnstormers Theatre

In the center of Grants Pass, Oregon, you’ll find the unassuming Barnstormers Theatre. Since it first started entertaining audiences more than 60 years ago, this small community theater has grown to play a significant role in the area’s arts community. The Barnstormers Theatre is a non-profit company that depends on donations from the local community to operate and keep putting on top-notch plays.

A group of ardent theater lovers wanted to introduce the arts to the Grants Pass neighborhood, so they founded the Barnstormers Theatre in 1953. The theater has expanded and changed over the years, but its dedication to putting on top-notch productions has not changed. The theater has a long history of creating original plays, musicals, and classic plays, and has earned a reputation for its forward-thinking and imaginative productions.

The fact that the Barnstormers Theatre is entirely run by volunteers is one of its distinctive features. Everyone involved in the theater, from the performers on stage to the ushers and ticket takers, is a committed member of the neighborhood who donates their time and efforts to keep the arts alive in Grants Pass. Many of the Barnstormers’ volunteers have been working with the company for years, if not decades. The theater has a strong sense of community and family.

An old structure that was once a church now houses the Barnstormers Theatre. With just over 80 seats, the area has been transformed into a warm and welcoming theater. Due to the theater’s small size, both the audience and the performers can have a special and intimate experience. In addition to the theater, the Barnstormers Theatre has a bar and lounge where guests can unwind and mingle before and after the performance.

Every year, the Barnstormers Theatre puts on a number of performances, including musicals, comedies, dramas, and original works. The annual “A Christmas Carol” performance, which has developed into a seasonal ritual for many local families, is one of the most well-liked productions. Additionally, the theater offers a summer theater program for kids, giving them a chance to hone their skills and perform on stage.

The Barnstormers Theatre is dedicated to giving the community educational opportunities in addition to producing plays. The theater offers workshops and classes that cover everything from acting to stagecraft for both adults and kids. The Barnstormers Theatre collaborates with nearby schools to offer students theater education programs.

Over the years, The Barnstormers Theatre has encountered numerous difficulties, such as financial difficulties and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The theater has persevered though, and it has kept giving the neighborhood top-notch performances. The theater has responded to the pandemic by staging outdoor performances and creating virtual productions, ensuring that everyone can still access the arts.

Grants Pass’s beloved Barnstormers Theatre has grown to be a center for the arts in the town. The theater has entertained audiences and performers alike for countless hours while also educating and inspiring them. The Barnstormers Theatre is proof of how the arts can unite people and significantly improve the quality of our lives.

The Barnstormers Theatre in Grants Pass is the place to go if you want a distinctive and individualized theater experience. The Barnstormers Theatre is a must-go location for anyone interested in theater and the arts because of its gifted performers, committed volunteers, and dedication to the arts. Come support this vital local institution by attending a performance, class, or just having a drink at the bar.


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